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Steampunk Originals Volume 1 has hit shelves of Barnes & Noble + varied comic shops and book stores across the country.
Steampunk Originals Volume 2 is shipping from Diamond and is currently available in select locations.
Steampunk Originals Volume 3 is rolling into release. Volumes 4+5 are in the can. Volume 6 is wrapping up now. Onward to Volume 7.

This run of Steampunk Originals will end with Volume 8. This is being done to allow release to catch up with production. We'll gauge the audience's response, some properties may launch into their own books/ series, and if the demand is there for more anthology, we'll do another run ( tailoring it a bit to the feedback ).

Steampunk Originals Volume 7 (… ) is just getting started. If you're interested in getting on this series, now's your time. Full details are posted to docs under the files tab in the group. The deadline is Sept 1st, 2014.


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Steampunk Originals
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'Steampunk Originals: Volume 7' is a 108 page anthology of short comics centered around the theme of 'Steampunk'. All comics should be full color, English, and 1-16 pages in length.

First run and reprint comics are both welcome. Creators retain ownership of their submissions. By participating, you are only granting non-exclusive permission to include the comic within this anthology in exchange for contributor copies.

Unlike most open call comic anthologies, writers, artists, colorists, and letters, may opt to join independently and find others through the group. Of course, solo creators and people with their own teams are always welcome. ( See the Dynamics and Rights Doc:… )

Arcana is currently launching a line of steampunk themed titles, also called 'Steampunk Originals'. They will be scouting the volume with eyes toward talent and properties they feel can carry a book or series. If they seek to license additional rights or commission additional work, terms are negotiated directly with the creators.

Stories Specifications:
Any Tone [ Serious, Funny, Scary, etc. ]
No subject matter is off limits.

Artist may work in any style or media they choose.
You are not limited to traditional comic art. Articulated comics, photo comics, and other experimental media are all welcomed.

Implied cursing and nudity only.
When in doubt, ask. Featuring 'explicit' content can limit distribution. What constitutes 'explicit', particularly in North America, can be a gray area. Like most nonsensical rules, it's full of loopholes and contradictions.

1-16 pages in length.**
**16 pages max (w/ penciller + inker attached ), 12 pages max ( w/ penciller attached ), 8 pages max ( w/o artist attached ).

Pages Size:
6.875" x 10.5" [ Trim: 6.625" x10.25" ] @ 300 PPI [ = 2063 x 3150 ].
Template, if needed,… .

Page Format:
Files should be submitted as multi-Layer TIF w/ unflattened text. Do not flatten digital lettering onto the artwork. Full Color [RGB]. No compression.

All submissions are sent via to
Dropbox is an acceptable alternative, however, wetransfer is preferred.

The Deadline for finished comics is Monday, September 1st.
A full timeline for writer seeking artists, artists seeking colorists, etc is posted here:
(… ).

About Steampunk:
Punk is a critical outsider perspective. Steampunk achieves that outsider perspective through a mid-19th century lens. What that means, in practical terms, varies greatly from series to series.

For this anthology, we are using the 'alternate timeline' definition of Steampunk. Imagine present day in an alternate timeline. Key historic events from the mid-19th century played out differently. The Technical Revolution never happened. Electricity and the internal combustion engine were never mastered. The culture, traditions, politics, and beliefs of the mid-19th century persist and progress. Industry and innovation continue to meet the wants and needs of society and create new wants and needs in the process. Where might 150 year down a different path lead?

Note: This opens up an entire world full of different cultures to play in and nearly every subject is fair game. You aren't confined by the visual conventions commonly associated with Steampunk. This is 150 years of alternate history. You get to define the specifics of where that leads for yourself.

What constitutes a 'comic'?:
There are different definitions out there. Since we're an international group and open to non-traditional/ experimental comics, it's worth defining what constitutes a 'comic.' 'Illustrated Prose' is text-based storytelling accompanied by illustrations, which depict select scenes and details. A 'Comic' is visual storytelling, which may or may not include text to communicate non-visual elements such as thoughts, sounds, and dialog. This is an anthology of 'Comics' not 'Illustrated Prose'.

Conventions ( such as panels, word bubbles, thought balloons, and onomatopoeia ) are not necessary, however, they can be both practical and effective.


About Arcana:
Arcana's library consists of 300+ graphic novels and thousands of comics. Their titles are carries through Diamond Distribution and Barnes and Noble. Check out their catalog at

About Neoflux Productions:
Neoflux Productions specialized in mass-collaborative artist-driven productions. Working with thousands of international artists, illustrators, and animators, each project offer a kaleidoscopic view of its theme.


Steampunk Originals Volume 7:…

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